Monday, June 14, 2010

Idents World Cup - group draw results

Group A
TVS glass revolve
Harlech eye test
Grampian saltire
BBC2 1990s 2

Group B
Thames skyline
ABC triangle
BBC Schools diamond
Ulster oscilloscope on a stick

Group C
Southern star
LWT river
TSW tree of bras

Group D
BBC2 stripey
BBCtv Map
Channel 4 original
Rediffusion London

Group E
Channel 3 North East
Border chopsticks
Yorkshire Television colour production
ATV in colour

Group F
HTV aerial
Open University
Scottish Television spinning lion
BBC2 Colour 1967

Group G
Anglia knight
From the North – Granada
Central cake mark 1
Teledu Cymru dragon

Group H (vertically polarised)
BBC1 mirror globe
BBC TV bat wings
Westward galleon
Tyne Tees 1980s