Friday, June 11, 2010

Idents World Cup

OK, at the suggestion of that nice TJ Worthington, I'm going to run an Idents World Cup. There will be one TV ident per team, with results to be decided by a combination of my whim and votes from people who give a toss here and on Twitter. We need 32 for the first round. I reckon we have to include: LWT river, BBC1 mirror globe, BBC2 stripey, ATV in Colour, Central cake mark 1, Border chopsticks, Thames skyline, YTV Colour Production, Anglia silver knight, Tyne Tees animated with Roger Limb (allegedly) music, From the North Granada, ABC triangle, Rediffusion London with Widespread World. How many's that? 13? Right. We need 19 more quick-smart for the first round draw. Look lively.


office pest said...

yes, yes, Hello control..

Westward Ship, and Harlech 'lines coming together' (which Channel 4 ought to admit they copied.) As on the subject, original Channel 4.

London Weekend.

My money's on Thames.

Ian Wegg said...

"LWT river" - well you live and learn, I never realised that (which I'd contend makes a poor ident so should be last!).

Southern star.


Westengland said...

BBC West "W" and TWW "Rectangles", both from the nineteen-fifties and the start of committed regional broadcasting (remember that?).

This is all very well, LFB, but shouldn't you be working on your script for "Vote, Vote, Vote, For Louis Barton" now?

Spike Nesmith said...

How about Scottish TV's spinning lion, and/or Harlech's twisty black and white migraine show?

Kecske said...

Ulster's original twilight zone horror should probably be included to represent Northern Ireland. The unfortunate effects of the nightmares it triggered are rumoured to have inspired the dirty protest.

Southern's original compass, animated John Ryan style, should be included too. Southern's original owners, J. Arthur Rank, wanted Jack Hargreaves tapping out his pipe on a dinner gong as an ident until Sir Kenneth Clarke vetoed it on the grounds that it may encourage dinner gongs.

Louis Barfe said...

Spike - STV spinning lion? Yes, I think I can accommodate that.