Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sticking with election broadcasts, I was disappointed to see Dimbleby Major winding up last week's BBC1 coverage of the locals at 3.30-ish, a good 2.5 hours before he was scheduled to clock off. I don't pay my licence fee so that he can slack. I was good to go right up to Breakfast, so should he have been. Jeremy Vine had to stay up, providing increasingly demented illustrations of voting trends as the dawn broke, although as I turned in, he'd abandoned the Quick Draw McGraw 'howdy pardner' cobblers and was just rushing around a lot, enthusing wildly. Jeremy, old son, a word of advice. Never, ever attempt a cowboy accent again. Remember you're from Epsom, and we Epsom boys can't pull that sort of thing off convincingly. Darn Tooting.