Monday, April 28, 2008

Occasionally, I hear something on television or radio and wonder to myself "Did that person really say what I think they just said?". So it is with a clip from GMTV the morning after the 2005 general election. Like the proper anorak that I am, I recorded both the BBC1 and ITV coverage - 2 VCRs, 2 long play E240s, job done. While transferring all 16 hours of actuality to DVD the other day, I chanced upon John Stapleton calling Tony Blair "Mr Blower" and then tripping over the name of a gay Labour MP who had lost his seat (please, no, stop it). After 5 replays, I'm convinced that Stapleton really does say what I think he says. Watch the clip, wait until 1:40 and see what you think. Must have been a long night chez Stapleton.