Thursday, March 04, 2010

You can tell by the hands and the Foot

Woo's right. I can't mention the Michael Foot in Madame JoJo's story without elaborating. The occasion was the launch of Francis Wheen's Who Was Dr Charlotte Bach? As the book concerned a male posing as a female, it was thought apt to hold the beano in a venue best known for its glamorous cross-dressing hostesses. I can quite honestly say that the sight of Michael Foot sat on a velvet banquette, immersed in deep political discussion with another guest, while flanked by a group of very tall transvestites, all ostrich feathers and concealed bulges, will remain etched on my retinas for a long time.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Michael Foot RIP

Sad news about Michael Foot. Others can concentrate on the long life and good works. I'll just say that I was present at what I suspect was his only ever visit to Madame JoJo's.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Don't have your say, you're an idiot

A pearler from the BBC's Have Your Say site, re: the proposed cuts

"1846. At 3:29pm on 02 Mar 2010, iknowsbest wrote:

And those stupid dancing spectacles are utter rubbish and are only transmitted for to inflate the egos of the judges & celebs. Thank be to God I know none of them personally or TV wise, they're all "Goosesteppers".

& as regard serving the British public with quality..."That'll be the Day". The last time that happened was when Bill Cotton ruled the roost both as television producer & then Managing Director. A time when the BBC excelled!"

This seems to be saying "I hate big, expensive Saturday night entertainment shows. Bring back the big, expensive Saturday night entertainment shows." Imagine being trapped in a lift with numbskulls like iknowsbest. Hideous.

6Music (slight return)

I'm going to have a proper read of the BBC's Strategic Review later, but it confirms the worst fears for 6Music and the Asian Network. If the BBC shouldn't be doing what the commercial sector does, shouldn't they be cutting things like EastEnders, Casualty and Holby City? Also, if the objection to 6Music and the Asian Network is that they don't do the numbers, what about if they did them too well? If either station pulled in large audiences, wouldn't it be equally in danger? So, the question is whether there's a mythical point at which the audiences of niche stations are deemed to be "just right", like Baby Bear's porridge? Another question is whether the BBC's doomed whatever it does because its enemies simply have too much money and influence (see how Lord Mandelson's deeply unpleasant Digital Economy Bill - more of which later - is stacked in favour of large private media organisations). I fear that might be the case, so why not go down proud and defiant rather than disembowelling yourself?