Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Seedy? Ahhhh.

I had to burn an audio CD for someone the other day, and it underlined the glacial rate at which I go through CD-R blanks these days. I've got about 30 left, and I haven't bought any for ages, compared to my regular purchases of 50-disc and 100-disc packs of DVD-Rs. It was only 10 short years ago that I got my first CD burner, which came as part of a new PC I bought. The concept and the practice of being able to make my own CDs knocked me sideways, and I used the facility extensively for off-air recordings and backup copies of precious vinyl. Then in 2004, I bought a DVD burner, and since then I've used the larger format discs for archiving, and settled for high-quality MP3s for most listening purposes.

I'm getting ready to abandon another format as it happens. The increasing decrepitude of my small family of portable mini disc machines and an irresistible special offer on Amazon led me to buy a Tascam DR07 solid-state recorder. Early reports suggest that it's a fantastic bit of kit. I'll always retain a massive affection for mini disc, but the ability to transfer my interview recordings to the computer without having to do it in real time will be a massive benefit.