Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Don't have your say, you're an idiot

A pearler from the BBC's Have Your Say site, re: the proposed cuts

"1846. At 3:29pm on 02 Mar 2010, iknowsbest wrote:

And those stupid dancing spectacles are utter rubbish and are only transmitted for to inflate the egos of the judges & celebs. Thank be to God I know none of them personally or TV wise, they're all "Goosesteppers".

& as regard serving the British public with quality..."That'll be the Day". The last time that happened was when Bill Cotton ruled the roost both as television producer & then Managing Director. A time when the BBC excelled!"

This seems to be saying "I hate big, expensive Saturday night entertainment shows. Bring back the big, expensive Saturday night entertainment shows." Imagine being trapped in a lift with numbskulls like iknowsbest. Hideous.


Apres la Guerre said...

Bill Cotton oversaw a lot of crap. There is currently a lot of crap on the BBC.

Whether you agree with me or not, at least I'm consistent!

Louis Barfe said...

Not only consistent, but completely right. I was just having a pop at misty-eyed mouthbreathers.

Robin Carmody said...

Indeed. If people who dislike big LE bollocks (vide TV Cream passim) on the BBC were to cite Reith or Wheldon or Carleton-Greene positively by comparison to the current execs then fine, but citing Cotton in this context is quite another matter.