Tuesday, March 02, 2010

6Music (slight return)

I'm going to have a proper read of the BBC's Strategic Review later, but it confirms the worst fears for 6Music and the Asian Network. If the BBC shouldn't be doing what the commercial sector does, shouldn't they be cutting things like EastEnders, Casualty and Holby City? Also, if the objection to 6Music and the Asian Network is that they don't do the numbers, what about if they did them too well? If either station pulled in large audiences, wouldn't it be equally in danger? So, the question is whether there's a mythical point at which the audiences of niche stations are deemed to be "just right", like Baby Bear's porridge? Another question is whether the BBC's doomed whatever it does because its enemies simply have too much money and influence (see how Lord Mandelson's deeply unpleasant Digital Economy Bill - more of which later - is stacked in favour of large private media organisations). I fear that might be the case, so why not go down proud and defiant rather than disembowelling yourself?


GCGM said...

Who'll be the BBC if the BBC doesn't want to bother anymore? Do you seriously think BBC4 is similarly doomed?

I'm glad I collect old TV.

Louis Barfe said...

Nobody will bother. All I can think of is a table loaded high with plastic coffee-stirrers. BBC4's a sitter for the same treatment. Thin end, wedge, etc.