Sunday, July 11, 2010

Semi-final results and, holy crap, it's the final

Thames 3 HTV 1

Bad luck for LWT in the semi-finals, scoring a lone goal against Sir Lew and the might of the Midlands. Bad luck also to the HTV aerial, the only ident in this semi-final line-up not to feature any vuvuzela-like brass scoring. However, HTV does take back to Pontcanna the 3rd place title. Which means that, live and at the same time as the footballers go at it, we ident fans see a stand-off between the ATV in Colour 'Zoom' ident and the Thames skyline. A few classics have fallen by the wayside, but personally, I think two stunning teams have made it to the final. Now all that remains is to decide the victor. Votes will close at the final whistle in South Africa. Get on with it.


office pest said...

ATV 8, Thames 0

It's a quality tie and it's a shame that there can only be one winner, Louis. Still that's ident football for you, we just have to enjoy the occasion and hope that the crowd take something away with them, from this.

C 2010 Lawrenson Platitudes Inc.

Tilt Araiza said...

ATV 1 - Thames 0.9

Ian Wegg said...

ATV 1 - Thames 0

DavidS said...

ATV 2 - Thames 3

Westengland said...

Wasn't following football so missed final whistle for it and this but would've scored:
ATV 1 Thames 0
so result wouldn't have changed.

Any comment to make on appeal by BBC website for and your fellow Lowestofters to contact them about current "incident"?