Sunday, July 11, 2010

Idents World Cup - final results

Well, the votes have been totted up and the result of the Idents World Cup final is as follows:

ATV 4 Thames 2

If it had been a Prodcaps World Cup, the boot might have been on the other foot, but I think that this is a fair and decisive result, and I'd like to thank Sir Lew Grade and Howard Thomas for the clean way in which their teams played. Let's hear that Midlands marvel once again.


office pest said...

Ah well, in the absence of BBC2 In Colour, who had to go home early, this is the worthy winner.

Everyone needs a second team, especially one that effectively has two logos with one and a half pieces of music so can therefore play a versatile.....nods off.

Though it sounds better with the Crossroads theme kicking in after a beat and a half.

Hope you recover soon, Ref. Great tournament you've had.

Kecske said...

ATV was so magical that their 1970 Oxford Transmitter promo is more entertaining than anything that ITV plc has ever broadcast.

Do you live in...

stearn said...

I bet the octupus didn't see that one coming.