Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Party Political Broadcasts - the antidote

Just as it's said imagining authority figures in their birthday suits can help the ordinary man or woman deal with them, so the following might help the same ordinary men and women get party political broadcasts in the right perspective. It's from the great underrated LWT sketch show End of Part One, which should have been out on DVD years ago. Andrew Marshall and David Renwick, we salute you.


Spike Nesmith said...

EoP1 (because every show title needs an overtly familiar abbreviation, right?) really is a forgotten gem of comedy. Sure, it's incredibly derivative of Python, as was the first series of Alexei Sayle's Stuff (or 'ASS'.. oh, wait, that one doesn't quite work...), but not in a bad way. In a loving tribute/inspiration sort of a way. It has a better than average genuinely hilarious to "OK, move on" ratio. Better even than 'Big Train' if you ask me. Which, of course, you did.

Why do you think someone like Network hasn't released it? Rights? Is someone holding it up? Is Fred Harris' agent displeased with the lack of an prominent Acorn Computers logo in the show?

Surely the Marshall/Renwick name(s) alone is enough to give it a decent publicity push?

Kecske said...

Thanks to my elder sister, who used to scan TV Times and Radio Times like a hawk for anything worth watching, I was probably one of the thirteen or fourteen people who watched End of Part One on it's original broadcast. I'd love to see it again though.