Monday, December 08, 2008

Day 8. Even I, a hater of Big Brother and all it represents, can't help but hear those 2 words in a Marcus Bentley voice. To mark this milestone, we head back to the National Museum of Film, Photography and Television (as it was in 2004) and the hands-on studio exhibit. Like the tube simulators at the London Transport Museum, this was always crawling with children until slightly menacing-looking 30-something men in corduroy jackets suggested that they might like to go and amuse themselves in the museum shop for a bit. With the anklebiters despatched, the adults could give it some crab, had not the dolly been fixed to the floor. The camera casing is that of an ex-YTV Link 130, the development of which was so problematic and expensive that it brought TV camera production in the UK to an inglorious end. More sweepings from the studio linoleum tomorrow.

And now an appeal on behalf of Cheeseford. The other day, I found myself in a well-known chain of stationers, perusing the pocket diaries. Then I thought that there must still be companies or organisations out there flush enough to have their own diaries made for their staff and to give away to valued clients, etc. So, before I shell out for a standard Letts job with integral pencil, is there anyone reading this with access to complimentary diaries, and, if so, can I please have one? The more outlandish or notorious the firm, the better. If South African Nazi Tobacco are kind enough to give me the means to organise my 2009, then I owe it to them to carry their week-to-view masterpiece with pride. And if I get more than one offer, I will find homes for the surplus in a spirit of mutual goodwill, back-slapping and cross-fertilisation.


Shaun said...

Getting a free calendar or diary always brings the saddening realisation that you're in a one-sided and expensive relationship.

You could have my lovely Bet365 diary but their not sending me one must mean I've had a good year.

(The BNP one is great and marks all the major events: Hitler's bithday; the day after Hitler's birthday; the day after the day after Hitler's birthday etc etc).

Alex George said...

Gah. I just threw away a gorgeous diary with "The George Law Firm" emblazoned on its faux-leather cover, sent to me on spec.

By the way, your book has now arrived in Wiltshire, and is being packed as we speak for the parental trip over the pond.

office pest said...

Aha Shaun, a 'Hitler Diary' in fact.