Saturday, November 17, 2007

More from the scurrilous back passages of Wikipedia, this time from Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac's page:

"Annie's brother Davey MacManus is in the British band The Crimea. Annie also has a sister named Rachel and one other brother. She is also very close friends with fellow DJ, Edith Bowman. They have been known to finger each others vagina while presenting radio shows together. Pictures had been posted on her Flickr picture thread. Only to be taken down from webmasters due to rile violations."

What on earth are rile violations? I adore the fact that there's a link to the vagina page, just in case you were unsure. If you see any similar mash-ups and derailments, do please alert me. I can usually do with a laugh.

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Matthew Rudd said...

On the Wikipedia entry for Cheryl Cole, nee Tweedy, it did briefly say that she was married to footballer Ashley Cole but it was "a marriage of convenience, as he is a homosexual and she is a racist."