Friday, October 26, 2007

For years now, I've looked at Chaz Jankel's composing credit on Quincy Jones' 'Ai No Corrida', and assumed that the Blockhead-in-chief wrote the number especially for the man stalked by Starla in 'Arrested Development'. I've only recently discovered that CJ (who didn't get where he is today by writing songs for other people) actually did the original version himself, and that it tans Q's version hollow. Unfortunately, the only links I can find are to the cover version, or worse, the dancified version of a few years back that ditched all the interesting chords. Spend some money on Chaz. It'll be worth it. While you're at it, get Quincy's 'Big Band Bossa Nova' album. Not only does it contain 'Soul Bossa Nova' (best known for its use in the Austin Powers films and as the basis of 'My Definititon' by the Dream Warriors), but also a stunning, life-affirming soca version of 'On the Street Where You Live'.


Clair said...

Didn't Jankel once say on Danny Baker's radio show that he once led on a young girl by insisting that he'd produced every record ever made in the 1970's? Or am I making it up?

LF Barfe said...

Sounds plausible. File it under "I was David Essex's brother".