Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Despite fairly fundamental issues with blogging, and the extreme smugness of some bloggers, I've observed rather splendid little communities growing up around the weblogs of people I like and admire. Being all for communities, society, camaraderie and anything that helps reverse the general 'do as you would be done by, but do it first' nature of modern living, it occurred to me that maybe I should get off my high horse and join in. So here I am, a body full of good British opinion and raring to go. In the main, I'll be commenting on matters concerning my various areas of expertise, most notably anorakdom, light entertainment, music, general trivia, books and radio. This is because I assume, nay hope, that no-one gives a toss about my personal life. I should point out that at no point in the proceedings will the horrible, vile non-word 'blogosphere' be used, apart from just then.

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