Friday, December 02, 2011

The BO Problem - podcast number 1

The first BO Problem podcast is up now, including Dave from Minder's porn shame, Derek Nimmo format bingo, alternate careers for newsreaders, showbiz autobiography titles and inappropriate laughter during wedding ceremonies. It's all here, folks: - You need to go to 'Click here to start download from Sendspace'. The other 'download' links are ads.


Tilt Araiza said...

Gavin Campbell is also in that skinflick that features Glynn Edwards. I don't know how obsessively you archive your Wallops, but during a Skype I tried to say the word "pornocrats" in my best Dave from Minder voice (which is also my worst Dave from Minder voice).

Newsreaders on comedy shows - wasn't Richard Baker still working as a proper newsreader when he appeared on Monty Python in 1972?

Anonymous said...

Just had a listen. Not bad - the Tyne Brand harvest festival comment made me spit out my tea :-) We had to go round (in threes) to the pensioners of the parish and deliver the fucking things in person. Punnets, the baskets were called. That's punnets.

It's a little-known fact that, when he was in the army, Charlie Drake once beat a German soldier to death with his bollocks.