Thursday, December 09, 2010

Cheeseford Virtual Archive TV Advent Calendar day 9

In the days before viral marketing and the Internet, how did the TV moguls promote their best and brightest shows? By postcard. And here's one of them, a charming little notelet sent to movers and shakers to alert them to the return of ABC TV's summer replacement for ATV's Sunday Night at the London Palladium, hosted by the erstwhile brothers Weinstein from the stage of the ABC Theatre in Blackpool. I went round the building before they turned it into a nightclub. There were still camera cable junction boxes on the stage walls. Now where are the photographs I took?


Anonymous said...

To be fair, the dog had some potential.

This brings back memories of what must have been the later runs of the Beeb's terrifying Seaside Special. I think that was the real reason for the 70s boom in Brits going abroad.

Louis Barfe said...

"Get a little sand between your toes". The great lost summer hit of 1977, which failed to chart, despite being plugged to death on Seaside Special every fucking week.