Saturday, July 10, 2010

Block of 16 results and quarter finals

Apologies for the delay in getting these results to you. I really didn't expect to spend Wednesday to Friday of this week in hospital. Best be quick.

Harlech eye test 5 BBC Schools Diamond 1
Grampian saltire 1 Thames skyline 6
LWT river 5 BBC2 stripey 2
TSW tree of bras 1 Channel 4 original 5
ATV Zoom in Colour 5 Open University 2
Yorkshire Television Colour Production 1 HTV Aerial 6
Anglia knight 3 Westward galleon 4
Central cake mark 1 1 BBC1 mirror globe 5

So, that means the quarter finals look like this:

Harlech eye test vs LWT river
Thames skyline vs Channel 4 original
ATV Zoom vs Westward galleon
HTV Aerial vs BBC mirror globe.

As we're playing catch up, I'm calling a curfew of 2am on this one, with voting on the semi-finals to follow, running into the morning, then the finals to run at the same time as the football World Cup final.


That Bloke You Know said...

Harlech eye test1 vs LWT river 2
Thames skyline 1 Channel 4 original 2
ATV Zoom 2 Westward galleon 1
HTV Aerial 2 BBC mirror globe 1

Very close. Where's that octupus when you need him?

Kecske said...

Harlech 0 - LWT river 1
Thames skyline 3 - Channel Four 2
ATV Zoom 5 - Westward 4
HTV Aerial 2 - BBC One 0

Tanya Jones said...

Harlech eye test 0-1 LWT river
Thames skyline 1-0 Channel 4 original
ATV Zoom 1-0 Westward galleon
HTV Aerial 1-0 BBC mirror globe.

Thames vs C4 was TOUGH. Still not sure!

office pest said...

Harlech eye test 0 LWT river 1
Thames skyline 1 Channel 4 0
ATV Zoom 1 Westward galleon 0
HTV Aerial 0 BBC mirror globe 1

Sorry to hear; hope you're on the mend now. OP

Westengland said...

Harlech 1 LWT 0
Thames 0 C4 1
ATV 1 Westward 0
HTV 0 BBC1 1

BTW1: how will you work in, if needed, penalty shoot outs and the golden goal?

BTW2: get well soon.

Tilt Araiza said...

Harlech 1 LWT 1
Thames 1 Channel 4 0
ATV 2 Westward 1