Friday, June 25, 2010

Group E results & Group F matches

How remiss of me. I appear to have dropped the ball slightly. Never mind, we go live now to t where they're using Peter Lewis's jumpers for goalposts for the Group E results in the Idents World Cup. The games were scored as follows:

Channel 3 North East 2 Border chopsticks 7
Border chopsticks 2 Yorkshire Television Colour Production 7
Yorkshire Television Colour Production 0 ATV in Colour Zoom 9
ATV in Colour 'Zoom' 9 Border chopsticks 0
Channel 3 North East 0 ATV in Colour 'Zoom' 9
Yorkshire Television Colour Production 9 Channel 3 North East 0

As expected, C3NE got nowhere, and is slinking back to Newcastle as we speak. A fixture against the hated ident gave Border's chopsticks its only win, but the worthy qualifiers are Yorkshire on 6 points and the sheer class of the ATV in Colour Zoom ident on 9 points.

And so to Group F.

HTV aerial vs Open University
Open University vs Scottish Television spinning lion
Scottish Television spinning lion vs BBC2 Colour 1967
BBC2 Colour 1967 vs HTV Aerial
Open University vs BBC2 Colour 1967
Scottish Television spinning lion vs HTV aerial

Another very strong group, I feel. Can monochrome beardies in kipper ties writing quadratic equations on a roller blackboard outclass Paint Along With Nancy? Or will BBC2's first colour symbol bring the trophy home to Pres B? Or will revolving wildlife spin the cup back to Hope Street, Glasgow? It's over to you.


Tilt Araiza said...

HTV 0 Open University 1
Open University 1 Scottish Television 0
Scottish Television 0 BBC2 1
BBC2 0 HTV 1
Open University 1 BBC2 0
Scottish Television 0 HTV 1

That Bloke You Know said...

HTV aerial 2 Open University 1
Open University 1 Scottish Television spinning lion 0
Scottish Television spinning lion 0 BBC2 Colour 1967 1
BBC2 Colour 1967 0 HTV Aerial 1
Open University 2 BBC2 Colour 1967 1
Scottish Television spinning lion 0 HTV aerial 2

HTV & the OU - difficult. Oh, yes.

Kecske said...

HTV 3 - OU 2
OU 2 - STV 0
STV 0 - BBC2 1
BBC2 0 - HTV 2
OU 1 - BBC2 0
STV 0 - HTV 3

HTV had the greatest jingle of them all - I used to wonder endlessly as a child "just what is making that noise?". I later found out Michael St. John was a pétomane and suddenly it all became clear...

Westengland said...

HTV 1 OU 0
OU 1 STV 0
STV 0 BBC2 1
BBC2 1 HTV 0
OU 0 BBC2 1

"Kipper Tie" (bit of a over-used cliche, I think) - don't forget team captain Arthur Marwick's cravat.

@Kecske: what was it about working at HTV that pushed apparently reasonably sane people to the edge (and sometimes over it) ?

Kecske said...

@Westengland IIRC burnt umber and white spirit. Nancy swears by it - it helps erase your mistakes, and who doesn't want to do that...

office pest said...

HTV aerial 1 Open University 0
Open University 0 Scottish Television 1
Scottish Television o BBC2 Colour 1967 1
BBC2 Colour 1967 1 HTV Aerial 0
Open University 0 BBC2 Colour 1967 1
Scottish Television 1 HTV aerial 0

Pity OU played it in their blue and harvest gold strip. It's never lucky for them.
And those bloody French Horns parping away, spoiling the match. Like a swarm of flies, they are, flies playing brass instruments.

Spike Nesmith said...

HTV aerial 1-0 Open University
OU scared me whilst I was waiting for proper telly to start. There was just something.... evil about it. Besides, the HTV aerial is inventive and the jingle sounds like a bubble dream! (no, i'm not drunk)

Open University 0-1 Scottish Television spinning lion
Since I suggested the spinning lion, I give it a point. It also didn't throw up after all that spinning, which is impressive.

Scottish Television spinning lion 0-1 BBC2 Colour 1967
The BBC2 ident is three in one; the converging colourspots of ATV, the spinny roundyness of BBC1's globe, and the animation of LWT.

BBC2 Colour 1967 0-1 HTV Aerial
hmm. Toughie. HTV is clever.

Open University 0-1 BBC2 Colour 1967
What IS it about OU that's scary? Is it the music? Is it the one-eye logo?

Scottish Television spinning lion 1-0 HTV aerial
Showing some love for the twelve-frame cardboard cut-out animation from north of the border. Och the noo!

Spike Nesmith said...

Incidentally - there's a car place closeby called "University Motors" and, assuming the bloke in the tv ads is the boss, is run by someone who, at one point, was English. Or lived there. He's got one of those 'make up your mind' accents, anyway. This is somewhat important to the story.

Digression over, look at the car place's logo, and see if it reminds you of something mentioned in this group..

Cy said...

HTV 1 Open University 3
Open University 2 Scottish Television 0
Scottish Television 0 BBC2 Colour 4
BBC2 Colour 1967 2 HTV 1
Open University 2 BBC2 Colour 1
Scottish Television 0 HTV aerial 2

Tricky One really, in the end it's a pity it can't be a three way tie between HTV, OU and BBC2 (Colour)

Anonymous said...