Thursday, April 08, 2010

Tanned, fit, rested & ready: Barfe for Waveney 2010

Well, it's looking like a goer. In only a few short hours, friends on Facebook, Twitter and Cook'd and Bomb'd have pledged donations to my election deposit fund to the tune of £344.22. With another donor pledging the final £100 when we reach £400, my candidature as the Protest Vote Party's man in Waveney for the 2010 General Election seems assured. Policy fans will notice a change of party name. This is because a law was passed in 2005, banning the use of the phrase "None of the Above" anywhere on a ballot paper. So, we (party leader Russ Swan and I, plus any other candidates who join the happy coalition before 4pm on Tuesday 20 April) are now the PVP. We will be offering a sane, rational alternative for anyone disillusioned with the big two and the slightly smaller third one. We like foreigners, we like democracy, we like representatives who represent, we don't like corruption and we don't like the clueless legislating on the complex. I will, in due course, be setting up a separate campaign blog.


office pest said...

Sent you my used fivers via the internet bank.

All I ask in return is that your party re-opens all of Britain's closed railways.

If it doesn't quite happen then don't worry, realpolitik is a funny old game.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing you on the telly in the early hours of the 7th.

Tanya Jones said...

Happy to make up the shortfall to £400 if necessary, by the way!

Louis Barfe said...

OP - You're too kind. Tanya - Amazingly kind also. I'll keep on fielding donations, and will only trouble you if I have to. However, the knowledge that this is going to happen come what may fills me with joy.