Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear Diary

Inspired by the Michael Palin 1980-1988 chronicles I received for Christmas, a desire to rescue my handwriting from ruin after years of typing and the fact that Asda had day-to-view diaries for £1, I've been keeping a journal this year. I wondered whether I'd be able to keep it up, but 11 days into the 3rd month of the year, I can report with some pride that I haven't missed a day yet. Sometimes I forget to jot down my thoughts (such as they are) at the end of the day, and have to play catch up, but I've managed to fill every page so far. Most of the contents seem mundane and humdrum now, but in time, I suspect they'll acquire a greater level of interest, particularly the bits about sharing my living and work space with a small, inquisitive, very funny child. Even if they don't acquire any interest, the regular practice has improved my scribble immeasurably, and gives my small fleet of fountain pens an outing other than writing shopping lists on the backs of envelopes or drawing splotchy moustaches and antennae on Z-list celebrities in the paper. I know that a blog's a form of diary, but are there any other analogue diarists out there?


Suzy Norman said...

The last time I kept one was 5 years ago. Sometimes when I'm rifling through the drawers to find a pen, I find it again and leaf through. It's amazing what you forget. We were living in the same flat but I had a different job and lots of different friends, or rather friends that now live further afield. Keeping a diary is a useful little window and excuse to glide a fountain tip nib across paper.
Last year when I was ill, I kept one going for 3 months although this time I wrote notes on my iPhone and emailed them to myself.

neck said...

When I read back my old blog posts, it isn't the posts about issues which are important to me, that stick out. Its the posts that describe the relationship between me and my daughter, and the posts that contain the most mundane details of our lives that strike me. I have only had the blog for 6 months, and that is the case. Although, to be fair- she is 3, and it changes very quickly.

neck said...

Sorry= that was posted under my boyfriends id. Its Lisa(