Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Good news about the news

The announcement that Moira Stuart is to read the news on Chris Evans' new Radio 2 breakfast show is very pleasing. Quite apart from giving the obvious ageist nonsense of her ousting from the breakfast prog on BBC1 a well-aimed kick in the balls, having met Ms Stuart on a couple of occasions, I can testify that she's fun, twinkly and mischievous. Here's hoping that side of her comes out fully with Evans.


Clair said...

She's HAWT.And what about this nonsense of re-hiring older women for BBC News - does this mean they'll still be shunted on the News Channel rather than BBC1 bulletins?

LF Barfe said...

Undoubtedly, the more experienced newsreaders won't be allowed anywhere near BBC1. To think we got our news as youngsters from Peter Woods, who looked like a bloodhound's sack of spanners.

Yes, she's hawt, and a hoot too. I treasure my memory of the piss-up after an Oldie of the Year lunch, standing with her and Kate Adie, as the pair of them swapped stories that would be unrepeatable if I could remember them. She's adorable. Kate Adie too. Great lady, Kate Adie.