Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keeping with the theme of digital radio instant nostalgia, was the Digital 1 multiplex so named because it had only one station worth listening to? The demise of Oneword was a sad day for UK radio. On a budget that wouldn't cover Mark Damazer's annual expenditure on coffee and Danish pastries, it provided a good, intelligent, broad-based speech radio service, with nary a phone-in to be heard. Maybe I'm biased, having had several mates who worked there, and having nearly bagged a show of my own just before it went tits up (the first time, that is), but it was a good, talented little outfit, producing splendid stuff. If the backers had held their nerve a little longer, who's to say it wouldn't have turned the corner?

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LibraDoodle said...

Who's to say indeed? If memory serves you were going to host a show that may or may not have been inspired by Desert Island Discs although as I write this the nature of the actual format idea eludes me. I do however remember a mighty fine curry luncheon in Studio 4 - the curry shack beneath the office on the Charing Cross Road ('four flight of stairs and never a job at the top of them') These two sentences may be connected. Hope all's well at Barfe Manse. Did you ever get to read my highly objective review of your latest in Britain's 'must-read' lit rag... The Lady? Is this why messages have been hitherto unanswered?!