Thursday, April 02, 2009

Elsewhere, an LWT technician has explained that the company adapted a BBC microcomputer to aid with vision mixing. This set me wondering what the LWT micro would have been like. It would definitely have had a set of stairs on the top of the case, with chaser lights built in. And when you turned it on, you would have been greeted by the reassuring sound of Trish Bertram telling you what you'd done and A Well-Swung Fanfare. Having invented the ruddy thing, I now want one.


Kecske said...

There was talk of an ITV computer throughout 1983. The debate rattled on throughout the year in the news pages of Popular Computing Weekly.

In the end, the ITCA could not decide between themselves on what sort of computer they would want to support - they couldn't decide on much! - so the plan was eventually dropped.

Gary said...

They should have asked Tony Bastable - he knew where to find some bargain hardware: