Thursday, January 29, 2009

Doing the authorial self-absorption thing on Amazon, I noticed that one bookseller had a 'collectible' copy of my first book for sale. Curious to see what made it so, I clicked on the link and found the following:

"Signed by the author with a dedication; 'To Elkan with thanks for his help on the follow-up. Regards, Louis Barfe.' (written in attractive hand-writing). Excellent book in very clean solid order. Dispatched immediately."

The Elkan in question is Elkan Allan, former head of entertainment at Rediffusion and creator of Ready Steady Go, whom I interviewed for Turned Out Nice Again. He died a couple of years ago, and his family are obviously selling his library, with which I wish them the very best of luck. So, if anyone has a signed copy of a book what I wrote, note that it is, officially, collectible, and that the author has attractive hand-writing.


Clair said...

I like the way other purchasers also like wrestling a lot.

Alex George said...

Your handwriting is lovely, though. I miss it.

Kecske said...

I finished reading "Turned Out Nice Again" last night. In one devastating quote, Roger Ordish managed to savage John Birt's reputation more completely and more devastatingly than I've ever seen it done before.

Roger is definitely the star of the book ;)

Dave said...

I saw Turned Out Nice Again in Waterstone's Charing Cross/Strand the other day. Just thought you'd like to know who's carrying it.

Apres la Guerre said...

The fact the book was formerly the property of the creator of "Ready Steady Go!" - its biggest selling point, surely? - seems to have not occurred to the seller?

My copy of the first book has the following inscription, which obviously sets its value nicely, and yet should confuse generations to come long after I've succumbed to the flames:

"To Mart & Jan,

"This book is unique, and quite possibly worth £700. If, that is, I hadn't defaced it like this. I blame it on the fact that I was bullied at school...

"Much love,


Apres la Guerre said...

Further to my first point, my first copy of "From The Stocks To The Stars" by Stanley Lupino was simply advertised as "signed by the author."

When I received it, it was not only signed, it also bore the handwritten inscription, "This book is only lent. If found, please return to Stanley Lupino..." followed by his home address. Bonus!

(My other copy, acquired because the binding on copy number 1 is a bit dodgy, is also signed, as has been every other copy I've seen advertised since. Seems as though Mr. Lupino did a lot of book signing back in 1933.)

LF Barfe said...

It's heartening to hear that copies are out there somewhere, Dave. Good point, Mart. You'd think the provenance would count for something. Alex - my handwriting isn't what it used to be. I type so much now that when I get the Parker Frontier in my hand, it's liable to go off in all directions, like a foal learning to walk.