Friday, December 05, 2008

Oh dear. Oh dearie me. Graham Norton's taking over from Wogan as the Eurovision commentator. Now, I'm sure I've read an interview with Norton where he admits to not being wildly enthusiastic about the whole contest, despite being in the caricature fan demographic. I had allowed myself to become convinced that Paddy O'Connell was being lined up for the job when Sir Tel decided to cry 'basta', and, on the basis of Paddy's performance in last year's semis, I'd have had no problem with that at all. In a way it's liberating. I've always wanted to watch the German coverage, but haven't been able to drag myself away from Sir Tel and the Bailey's, but it'll be ARD all the way for 2009.

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Mark X said...

I think the Norton thing is a pretty similar situation to the Jeff Stelling interview in the current edition of Word Magazine (and not, of course, *The* Word, no matter how frequently they try to suck us into their evil branding vortex), where Stelling tells readers of Word how he declined the offer from the Countdown people because he wanted to concentrate on Soccer Saturday, about three days before he was announced as the new host of Countdown.

Not that I've anything against Sir Jeff becoming the new host of Countdown. In fact, just as soon as I become Leader Of The Universe, I've got plans for Jeff Stelling to present pretty much every programme on television, whether he likes it or not.