Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Encouragingly, Amazon's first order of Turned Out Nice Again has sold out, despite, or perhaps because of, my decision to add the "...this book is not worth reading" bit of Shabba Hanks' Independent write-up to the product description underneath all the nice review quotes. Don't panic, more copies are on order. I suspect the power of wireless helped enormously - many authors would sell a kidney to get two hours talking to East Anglia. Anyway, if you have bought it, thank you, and if you've received a freebie from the publisher, I hope you can get a good price for it. Moreover, if you haven't bought it, we know where you live. Your honest appraisals are always welcome. To use an old phrase beloved of the profession: if you liked the show, tell your friends; but if you didn't like it, tell us. Or, either way, you can write an Amazon review.


Apres la Guerre said...

I would have bought it with the embezzled money you didn't eventually sponsor me for doing the London to Brighton Bike Ride. (How's that for a convoluted gratuitous reference?)

It's on my "to buy" list. When I get paid and my bank account stops rapidly emptying in the name of Christmas.

LF Barfe said...

Shit, did I not give you that? Is the account still open?

Apres la Guerre said...

Nope, they closed it. Not a problem. I was only being flippant. And I think you had other pressures on your mind and wallet (how is the nipper, by the way?)

You can sponsor me next year, if I can manage it again!