Monday, October 20, 2008

Roger Hutchinson in the Scotsman takes the honour of being the first person to review Turned Out Nice Again, and, frabjuous day, he liked it. I get to share the bill with Denis Norden too, which is no disgrace.


Alex George said...

Very nice, too. Must be a good feeling, getting that first one under your belt. I'm going to ask my dad to get a copy and bring it over at Christmas. He'll probably read it on the plane and get dry roasted peanuts stuck in all the pages.

And what about those other blurbs that appear on the amazon site?? They're not too shoddy, either.

LF Barfe said...

Ah, they were for the last book. Naughty publisher. Bad publisher.

It's always nice to get a good review, and bad reviews can be processed if they're thoughtful, reasoned bad reviews. However, I'm not sure how much effect either have on sales. Good Times was reviewed everywhere, but only sold enough to go cardboard.

Of course, it helps if the booksellers bother reordering after they've sold the single copy their central buyers allotted them.

Alex George said...

Hmm, I did wonder about that. The quote from "Q" was a clue.

I agree with you about reviews. The only one that springs to mind which really made a difference was when Tony Parsons went on to Late Review (or whatever it was called) and raved about "Ralph's Party" by Lisa Jewell. And lo, a career was born. Which, in its own sad way, about says it all.

Aurora said...

Congratulations on the book being out there.