Sunday, March 09, 2008

As Brian Matthew's Sounds of the Sixties is to my Saturday morning, so TV Burp is to Saturday teatime. It's the only way I am ever likely to have any contact with, or knowledge of, BBC3's Freaky Eaters, which has become one of Harry's favourite Aunt Sallies (When Harry Hill Met Aunt Sally? Is Eunice Tubbs available? Commission x 13). Last night's Burp featured a Freaky Eaters clip in which a woman who ate only bread, tinned spaghetti hoops and tomato soup threw her entire supply away, opening each tin and emptying it into the bin. Now, I know it wouldn't have made for 'great telly' (ahem), but how much less wasteful and offensive it would have been to give the bread to the ducks and take all the tins to a local homeless shelter, or just hide them in the loft until harvest festival. Silly cow and silly fucking 'documentary' makers.


Clair said...

I thought that too.

I am addicted to programmes of that ilk though, and very much hope to be featured in BBC Three's new Twats Who Can't Stop Watching Twatty Telly.

bertieronbob said...

TV Burp is total genius and there's always something on every week that makes me laugh till I ache.

Such a shame that ITV make more of an effort to plug programmes like Rock Rivals instead.

And I agree, it's a classic case of comedy you can't describe