Sunday, October 28, 2007

When I was young, a wise man told me to look up whenever I walked anywhere. That way, I'd see and appreciate more of architecture than almost anyone else around me. It's true, but when walking down the street where I live, looking up merely brings home to me how many severely skew-whiff TV aerials there are. In some cases, the masts have snapped, leaving the whole assembly pointing either skywards or towards the ground, rather than in the vague direction of Tacolneston. If you don't have satellite, it's the most important bit of the broadcasting reception chain (you can spend any amount you like on a spiffy plasma screen the size of your gable end, but without a decent aerial, you won't see a thing), but usually the least frequently considered. Doubtless, many will be complaining about the pictures they receive, and banging their ruinously expensive and blameless TV sets, while cursing the manufacturers and broadcasters roundly, not once realising that they should just spend £50 or so on getting an aerial rigger to sort out the hardware on the chimney.

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